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Products and Services

At Puppy Love Pet Grooming, we use only high-quality shampoo products for your best friend. This ensures you take home a clean and healthy pet!

Oatmeal Shampoos and Hypo-allergenic Shampoos are available upon request for pets that have dry skin or other skin irritations. These products can be substituted for our regular shampoo at no extra cost.

De-Skunking Shampoo Treatments and Odor Removal Shampoos are available for pets that need this special treatment, and are available upon request for an extra charge. 

Standard Services
Groom Package:
Our full Groom Package includes a bath, fluff drying, and haircut in the style of your choice. We will carefully hand scissor and clip during the haircut, ensuring a handsome and stylish cut. Nail trims and ear cleanings are included. Anals are expressed externally at your request. The hair between your pet's toe pads will be clipped and a sanitary is also given.

Groom prices vary depending on your dog's size and breed. Please inquire for pricing.

Bath Package:
Our full Bath Package includes a bath, fluff drying, nail trim, and ear cleaning. Anals are expressed externally at your request. The hair between your pet's pads will be clipped and a sanitary is also given.

Bath prices vary depending on your dog's size and breed. Please inquire for pricing.

Nail Trims:
Nail trims are included in the regular bath or groom package. Walk-in nail trims are welcome!

Please inquire for pricing.

Ear cleaning is included in the regular bath or groom package. Walk-in ear cleanings are welcome!

Please inquire for pricing.

Extra Services
Spa Packages:

Puppy Facials are given during bath time. We massage a special, gentle shampoo around the muzzle, which loosens dirt, oil, and eye discharge so it can be easily rinsed away. Dogs who receive this treatment really seem to really enjoy the extra pampering!  

"Paw"-dicure Treatments are also given during bath time. While your best friend relaxes in the warm water, we'll massage a special paw shampoo into his pads. While the shampoo goes to work removing dirt, body oil, and the gunk that can accumulate on your pet's feet, your best friend gets to enjoy a gentle massage. 

Please inquire for pricing on these treatments. 

De-Shedding Package:
Tired of sweeping or vacuuming day after day, only to feel like you haven't made a dent in the dog hair that's all over your house? Consider bringing your best friend in for our special De-Shedding Treatment. This treatment is great for German Shepherds, Huskies, or any dog with a lot of undercoat. We use a specially formulated de-shedding shampoo (for pets that do not have any skin irritations), and then groom your pet from head to toe with a brush specifically designed to remove excess hair from the undercoat.

Please inquire for pricing. 

Teeth Brushing:
We know it's not easy brushing a pet's teeth, so let us take care of this tricky task for you! Each pet gets their own toothbrush, which is disposed of after use. We use beef-flavored toothpaste (which our furry customers love!), and take care to brush all the teeth in your pet's mouth along with their gums. This treatment helps reduce gingivitis and chronic halitosis (bad doggie breath!).

Tooth brushing is available for an additional $5.00.

Fleas and Tick Baths:
Fleas and ticks are most commonly found on animals that spend a lot of time outdoors or in the country, but any dog who ventures outside can pick them up. You may notice these tiny bugs on your dog's coat, around his ears, around his tail or hind quarters, or even between the pads of his toes. Your pet will probably scratch or bite his skin frequently, and his skin may also be red and inflamed.

If you notice these unwanted pests on your best friend, call to schedule a Flea and Tick Bath right away. Fleas and ticks carry diseases and can lead to serious health problems and infections.

Please note: We will notify you right away if we discover any of these critters on your animal during a regular grooming session, and we will recommend a Flea and Tick Bath. We will also recommend that you contact your veterinary clinic for a more thorough evaluation to ensure all fleas and ticks are removed - and that your dog isn't suffering from any diseases or infections as a result of these pests.

During the treatment, a special flea and tick shampoo is massaged into your dog's coat and allowed to dwell for ten minutes. This ensures the bugs and their larvae and eggs are killed. 

Please be aware that fleas and ticks have a way of getting anywhere (carpet, furniture, your pet's favorite blankets or bedding, the car), so it is important that you treat these areas in your home to ensure bugs don't find their way back on to your best friend.

Flea and Tick Baths are available for an extra $10.00.

We routinely brush out small knots in your pet's coat during grooming. But if your best friend has some big, thick knots that will not easily brush out, we can De-Matt your pet to get rid of those stubborn clumps of hair.

Please note: This service is only performed on pets that are used to having this done and don't mind having their skin tugged a bit by the de-matting comb. If your pet is uncomfortable with having this service performed, it will not be done.

If de-matting is not possible, we will remove the matts by clipping them out, or we will give your pet get a shorter hair cut with your permission.

Please inquire for pricing.